A Museum with a View

12:51 pm

New windows on both the east and west sides of the building have opened the Spencer Museum’s public spaces to natural light for the first time. The windows are a key feature of the renovation and span multiple floors, providing views in and out of the galleries.

The west window, the largest one installed, spans both the third and fourth floors and offers a view into historic Marvin Grove. Construction Superintendent Fernando Velilla said the biggest challenge of installation was handling the weight of the glass panels themselves.

West side window

Keeping artwork safe is the top priority of collections staff. Blackout curtains will block out light to protect objects as necessary, and galleries will be arranged strategically to keep light-sensitive pieces out of harm’s way.

Director of Internal Operations Jennifer Talbott said the windows would “draw visitors into the building” by providing an engaging preview of the Museum’s contents. The new glass entryway, along with a fourth-floor window into the upper gallery will provide a warm, welcoming experience for visitors.

Front entrance