Print Room Progress

11:37 am

The newest developments in Phase I renovation include the arrival of 496 Solander boxes for the Museum’s print study room. Spencer staff have begun rehousing the Museum’s vast print collection thanks to a $147,129 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The grant also funds the purchase of shelves and the hiring of Collection Assistant Sarah Schroeder.

Museum staff unloading a shipment of 496 Solander boxes.

Although the study room remains closed during renovation, Schroeder and Assistant Curator for Works on Paper Kate Meyer remain busy. Meyer and Schroeder are tasked with creating a logical system of organization for the Museum’s prints, photographs, and other works on paper, whose storage space has nearly doubled as a result of the renovation.

“The goal is to find the right organizational and storage combination that fits the needs of both the collection and the Museum staff,” Schroeder explained. “It’s a significant undertaking, but I like the challenge.”

According to Schroeder, the biggest changes in the print room will be behind the scenes. The reorganization project will increase the safety and accessibility of works on paper, and create room for growth in the Spencer’s collection. These backstage changes will also enhance experiences of new and returning patrons.

“Patrons can know the Spencer is committed to the care and keeping of its collection,” Meyer said. “The collection will be organized efficiently, safely, and logically.”

Meyer commented that the print study room—heavily utilized by students and University faculty—will feel even more accessible after renovation is completed. “It will be a great place to engage with the collection.”

Meyer with the shipment of 496 Solander boxes.